Clinical Pilates Studio

Clinical Pilates Studio at MGS Physiotherapy Manly

Clinical Pilates Studio at MGS Physiotherapy Manly

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is an exercise method which adopts a scientific approach to rehabilitating an injury, improving posture, balance, core strength and flexibility.  MGS Physiotherapy is Manly’s only fully equipped Clinical Pilates Studio.  We use state of the art reformers which are the main pieces of Pilate’s equipment.  Reformers allow you to push and slide your body against resistance.  Along with our other specific Pilates equipment we can have you performing exercises with the amount of resistance and effort most suitable for you. 

Pilates Studio Northern Beaches SydneyThe MGS Clinical Pilates Instructors are all Physiotherapists.  They are accredited and trained in the DMA Clinical Pilates method.  All together they have over 20 years’ experience using this method of Pilates instruction.  Our programme is very different to floor based and fitness style Pilates.  The reformer based DMA Clinical Pilates method will better address the root causes of injury and postural dysfunction. 

Adding the experience and injury treatment skills of our physiotherapists gives our Pilates programme a significant advantage particularly for the recovery  and prevention of injuries.  It offers a safe, controlled exercise environment and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Start with a one on one personal Pilates session

If you start Clinical Pilates with us for the first time you will commence with a one on one personal session.  This individual class establishes a base line for your core stability.  We look to identify and understand any injury or weaknesses and we discuss any specific goals and expectations you have.  Once you become familiar with our equipment and the exercises you can move into a small group session with no more than 3 or 4 participants.  Some people move straight into a group while others choose to have a few sessions one on one with the instructor.  It’s largely up to you however your physio will guide you to let you know if you are ready for a group.  

Group Pilates Classes ManlyMove into a group Pilates class when ready

Once you start group classes your Physiotherapist will continue to individually tailor and supervise your personal Pilates exercises. 

Many people attend one class once per week while others come more often. We run classes all through the day 6 days a week.

Health Fund rebates on Pilates can apply depending on your health fund

Health Fund rebate does apply subject to individual health fund policies.  Our assessment and specific goal setting qualifies our Pilates classes as “group physiotherapy treatment” which attract a higher rebate than “group exercise classes” with many health funds

If you are currently receiving treatment at MGS, ask your physiotherapist if Clinical Pilates will be beneficial for you.  Our in house referral system enables your Physiotherapist to communicate directly with the Pilates Instructors making your initial one on one session specific to your individual needs and effective from the start.

Book your initial one on one Pilates session now! 

Bookings for your Initial one on one consultation can be made by calling MGS Manly Reception on  9976 2666.

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