Cameron Hobbs

Cameron Hobbs (Mona Vale)


A massive passion for healthy living and his own share of sporting injuries was what drove Cam towards becoming a physio many years ago. After gaining his Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Sydney Uni (with a previous graduate degree in Exercise & Sport Science), Cam has had the opportunity to live abroad, working alongside London’s top Orthopaedic specialists and Sports Doctors in a busy private Outpatient clinic. This gave him the chance to experience first-hand, a number of the latest surgical procedures and evidence-based rehab programs. Despite their complex nature, Cam particularly enjoys working with shoulders and knees, and their post-operative rehabilitation

Cam’s interest in Sports physiotherapy has given him the opportunity to work with elite and sub-elite athletes including members of Team GB’s track and field team, Gordon Rugby Club, St. Aloysius First XI football and in other sports such as Tennis, Golf, Cycling, MMA, Crossfit, Running, Free-diving and Swimming.

Outside of Physiotherapy, Cameron is a huge Soccer, Ice Hockey and Rugby union fan. However, his first love is Tennis, having spent two years travelling Europe playing tournaments as well as playing in the US College system on a Tennis scholarship. With his relaxed and friendly approach, you can rest assured that your rehabilitation will not feel like a chore!

Any physio who takes a keen interest in shoulders is brave and highly regarded by all, as we all know shoulder injuries have a notorious reputation for being more complex and involved than many of our other joints. He has recently taken on the Role of Rehab Physiotherapist for our local shoulder surgeon Dr Graeme MacDougall. Cameron helps guide the patients both before and after surgery through a well structured and supervised Rehabilitation Program, helping Dr MacDougal achieve optimal Surgical outcomes.

We love having Cam as part of our MGS Team. His love for travel see’s him flitting off overseas on last-minute exciting getaways. Now that he and his lovely wife have settled on the Northern Beaches, we wonder how they manage to still achieve these visits to exotic places, we can only watch on in envy and attempt to be inspired to do the same.


The Quiz

Most inspirational historical or public person?
David Pocock

Favourite movie?
Predator – hands down the greatest movie of all time

Favourite book?
The Guiness Book of Records – theres almost always something you can be the best in the world at

Country would most like to visit?
After visiting my favourite country Norway in 2014, my next goal is Alaska

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