Belinda Rouvray

Belinda Rouvray (Mona Vale)


Clinical Pilates Instructor


Our Belinda is born and bred in Sydney having spent 3 years of her teenage life living in Argentina with her family. While there she was able to travel and explore many parts of South America . Belinda recalls it being such a different travel experience to nowadays as it did not entail any Wifi, social media or Trip Adviser to help out, just some good ole fashioned exploring to be done.

Belinda has been a physio for nearly 15 years. She has spent most of her time at Royal North Shore Hospital working in the respiratory, cardiac surgery and intensive care wards where she continues to work today. She enjoys helping people get moving after major surgery and assisting them return to living at home as independently as possible. Belinda’s experience and status within the profession sees her act as an examiner for the Australian Physiotherapy Council, examining overseas physios who are seeking to gain registration in Australia.

For a long time Belinda has shared lots of connections to MGS at Mona Vale. She worked with our Lisa for many years at RNSH job sharing the clinical educator position for students. She also teaches pre-natal classes at RNSH with the lovely Margo. She finds great satisfaction empowering through education nervous prospective parents on the wonderful journey that is labor and birth and help them prepare for the new family they are starting. Some years ago she was introduced to Pilates through Margo and aspires to teach like her. She even goes as far back as attending university with Brian recalling the difference in the astute nature of the mature age students like Brian compared to those who had landed fresh out of school.

The benefits of Pilates as a continuation of treatment post injury and also after pregnancy and birth are what gives her inspiration to keep progressing her classes and to provide the ongoing progressive challenge for the novice towards more experienced Pilates patient. She can see the opportunity it creates to return the body to good patterns of movement and function and strives to get this message across to all who cross her Pilates path.

Married to Tim, an accountant, surfer, mountain bike rider and like some of our other crew, she observes him following many a northern beaches resident sporting the lycra on the road bike. She has 3 kids who are generally a joy to watch grow up, pick up after, feed and hang out with. On the weekends Belinda and her family can be seen at ballet, at the beach, riding bikes, drinking coffee, watching the Swans, going to church and having naps. Personally, Belinda enjoys netball, going out to dinner where she can get out of washing up dishes, walking near the beach and jogging around the block.

The Quiz

What is your Favourite Book:
Pride and Prejudice

Invitation to a dinner party:
Annabel Crabb, Jesus and Mr Darcy

What is your Favourite Movie:
Love Actually, obviously only at Christmas time

Which country would you most like to visit?
I would love to take the kids back to Argentina when they are older

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