Scot Thorn


Scot Thorn (Manly)

B.Sc (Anatomy & Physiology) 
Ba.App.Sc (Physiotherapy) 
M.App.Sc (Manipulative Physiotherapy)
Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Scot is a highly qualified and recognised Physiotherapist. He finished his first Science degree in the late 90’s when he majored in Anatomy and Physiology. He then undertook a Physiotherapy degree which he finished in 2003. Scot then worked as a Physiotherapist in the Royal North Shore Hospital experiencing all facets of physiotherapeutic care. He joined MGS in 2005 and has been an outstanding member of our team since then.

In 2008 Scot finished his Masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy which qualified him to join Matt and Dave as a Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Scot is indeed very highly and practically educated as a Physiotherapist. If the rest of us want to know something we don’t go back to the text books we just ask Scot.

Scot’s special interest is the management of spinal conditions including cervicogenic (neck) headaches, discogenic (disc) pain, neurological (nerve) pain and pelvic instability conditions. He truly enjoys talking shop and will help his clients with as much information about their condition as they want.

We all joke that on the weekends Scot likes to spend his time reading anatomy text books. There is a cliche amongst our Physio’s , if you need to know the latest research on anything, “ask Scotie”.  Although this may be true he has a love of water sports particularly surfing and snow skiing. He is another mountain bike rider and will have a go at any social sport or game that’s offered. He has also been stung by the SUP craze hitting the country. We think Scot has also been affected by the fertile environment at MGS with his wife Shellie expecting their second baby very soon.

The Quiz

Name the most inspiring person
Lance Armstrong

What is your favourite movie?
Star Wars – the originals

Name your favourite book
Anything Wilbur Smith

Which country would you most like to visit
Africa and explore more of our own

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