Liz Vadas


Liz Vadas (Mona Vale)


Liz has been with us since 2011 after moving her own practice in Newport to join MGS in Mona Vale.  Liz gained her physio degree in South Africa before moving to Australia in the late nineties.  She ran her practice for 10 years on her own and comes to MGS as a very experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapist. 

Liz has been involved in a lot of sports treatment.  She has worked a lot with rugby union teams as well as triathletes.  While no longer competing as a triathlete Liz remains a keen cyclist and can be seen climbing the hills around Akuna bay before work every Saturday.

Liz is very aware of the biomechanical contributions to most sports injuries.  Her interest in running and cycling has seen her develop extra skills when dealing with the injuries suffered by endurance performance.  She is very interested in bike fit (or bike set up) for cyclists and finds that it is essential to understand the specifics of a person or their injury in order to correctly advise bike set up changes.

After work Liz loves spending time with her two young girls and her husband Todd.  Being outdoors, going to the beach or simply being active is what Liz loves to do.


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Most inspirational historical or public person?
Nelson Mandela     

Favourite movie?
Forest Gump

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Iron War

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