Eliza Walne


Eliza Walne (Mona Vale and Manly)


Originally from Scotland, Eliza studied Physiotherapy in the UK, graduating from the Metropolitan University in Manchester. She is well travelled, having gained sound experience in many areas of our profession along the way. Initially she worked in areas involving Orthopaedics with pre and post operative patients, musculoskeletal outpatients and management of chronic pain.

We managed to coax Eliza across the Pacific from the shores of New Zealand. When we found Eliza, she had spent several years in New Zealand working in a private clinic which provided physio services to soccer and rugby teams, Crossfit and Gymnastic clubs along with the standard practice patients.

Along with the standard manual therapy and soft tissue skills, some of the other strings to her bow include acupuncture, dry needling and Mulligans joint mobilisation treatment systems. She has developed a special interest in the area of Pelvic health and pelvic floor Physiotherapy. This is an area in which she has undertaken further ongoing studies and now helps many patients with not only musculoskeletal conditions, but with bladder and bowel problems. Eliza works closely with Kate Brocklehurst and Margo Joyner our two other Physio’s who have a keen interest and vast experience in Pelvic Health. Together they head up the Northern Beaches Pelvic Health service.


When she is not at work, Eliza enjoys music, Photography, arts and crafts, skiing, scuba diving and weight lifting. Her latest two passions are to improve her Golf handicap and to learn paragliding. It’s only natural for us to be a little concerned about the safety of some of her choices, and we always encourage her to pack her own shutes just in case she does get a hole in one.

The Quiz

Favourite movie
It’s a toss up between “American Gangster” and “Snatch”

Favourite book
The Power of One by Bryce Courtney

Invitation to a dinner party
I’ve put alot of thought into this one before. I would like to host a huge Dinner party and invite James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Eta James, Arethra Franklin and Gill Scott Heron if that’s allowed. If that is too long then just Kit Harrington preferably dressed as Jon Snow when he comes to his resurrection in no clothes.

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