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Am I Double Jointed? 3 Quick Tests to Check!

  Am I Double Jointed?  3 Quick Tests to Check! Some people are classed as Hypermobile or known in the physio world as Floppy’s. They are usually born with looser ligaments and joints that have significantly more range. The general quick tests we use can be:  Elbows […]

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Hamstring Stretching: Are You Really Stretching It?!

Hamstring Stretching: Are You Really Stretching It?! Are you really stretching your hamstring when you think you are? Most people put their leg up on something with a straight knee and pull their foot back (if they can reach it) with their hand. They usually feel a […]

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The Pontificator

There is always plenty of discussion around “proven results” from treatment or exercise. Many professionals require scientific proof of the effectiveness for certain treatment approaches before recommending its use. The reality is however that true scientific proof requires very stringent methodology. Very few complex treatment theories […]

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