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Strains, Sprains and Tears – so what’s the difference?

ankle sprain

Strains, Sprains and Tears – so what’s the difference? An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries experienced by athletes as well as by people in the workplace.  Many people use the terms interchangeably but there are specific differences.  Knowing the difference means understanding the […]

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We are moving to new premises in Manly!

MGS Physio Manly Premises

We are moving to modern new premises in Manly! MGS Physiotherapy is very excited to announce that we are moving to new premises conveniently located in Manly not far from where we are now. We will soon be located just across the lane from the 4 storey Whistler […]

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Meet Claudia Cook

Claudia Cook Physiotherapist

Meet Claudia Cook   MGS Physio would like to welcome Claudia.  Claudia is due to start working as one of our manual Physiotherapists next week. Claudia’s friendly, calm and relaxed nature influenced our decision to select her from a field of potential applicants. She comes to MGS […]

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Goodbye Matt Baker

Matt Baker, Physiotherapist, Manly

Goodbye Matt Baker   MGS Physio will sadly miss one of our friendly physio’s Matt Baker. Due to family commitments and an amazing business opportunity, Matt and his family returned home to the UK last weekend. It was an absolute pleasure working with Matt, always a character, […]

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